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Re/Max Gift Loyalty Cards 2nd Order


Have you heard about Re/Max Loyalty Gift Cards success stories?

Our Re/Max Little Oak office in Abbotsford has just done a second order for personalized Re/Max Gift Loyalty Cards.

If you are looking for a super cheap / very appreciated gift or mail-out to your customer base for a $1,000+ gift card read on.

"I Bill Coughlin ("Most Referred" founder)
have never seen a better promotional gift in all my 25 years with all my networks."

PSSST:  If you find a vendor that is deserving of big client base increase.. they should buy you a condo in Hawaii for the potential HIGH quality customer introductions.


ReMax Little Oak Loyalty Gift Card program's 6 weeks report

June 21 2011

Hi there

Program update: . With about 1/2 the agents getting their cards out we are seeing great results.

 Here are some anecdotes from your colleagues:

“One client called and asked if they could really use the card at Milestones as many times as they liked. They asked me; “doesn’t that cost you a lot of money every time I get a complimentary appetizer?”

(Here’s a freebie!!The answer, by the way; is ....)

“You know what….
I appreciate our friendship and the business we have done and will do in the future.
You are SO worth it!!!

               By the way, I’m never too busy for your referrals

Another agent got TWO referrals in the first 20 cards he handed out; as a direct result of handing the card over to his clients. He described the clients faces and response when he gave them the card. It is typically a look of “too good to be true” or disbelief. Once they ask a few questions they thank him profusely all the while, staring at the card.

The more personal the hand-off the better the response, obviously. However, a nice follow up call after mailing out the card will work fine as well. This is a nice way to get a good contact to agree to be on your mailing list, as well.

The vendors I have talked to recently are all happy with the results of the program, so far. The sentiment is that they are turning these “referrals” into long term clients. This is great news for you folks, as it will keep the vendors motivated to stay on long term after the first year is up. Tyee Windows apparently sold a whole house worth of windows to one of your clients! The good stories just go on and on.

Now; I know not all of you have mailed or handed out your cards yet. I have had people who are clients of yours ask me if so and so realtor is involved and when will they get their card. It’s getting a little awkward for me to answer them, if you have not got them their card yet!!! Please get your cards out to your clients ASAP, as you agreed to when you started with this program.

Lastly, stay tuned for another networking event with the vendors. You should be reaching out to them encouraging them to refer you business as well. I will give you a few opportunities to do that throughout the next few months.

If you haven’t got your cards out; are you ever missing out!!! :)

 btw: the registration rates appear to from 30% hand  delivered to 4-5% if mailed out!   , how much value do you see for a client putting your card in their wallet or purse for years to come?

Thanks for now!!

Patrick Giesbrecht
Pacific North Marketing Ltd
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce-President

Remax- Little Oak Realty Loyalty Program 

We engaged 21 local businesses to subscribe to the loyalty program and offer
significant and stand-alone offers and gifts that will be delivered exclusively to
Remax- Little Oak Realty clients via their real estate representatives.
Value Proposition:
Remax- Brokerage: The Realtors opting in to this will be able to deliver a unique
membership/loyalty card to their clients enabling them to enjoy special discounts,
free samples and product, and increased levels of service at the subscribing
vendors. (local businesses) This will set them apart from other Realtors, and
increase loyalty and referrals. 
The Vendors: 
The subscribing businesses will gain endorsed access to 5,000+
members of the local Remax- Brokerage family of clients and warm contacts. They
will be able to advertise unique promotions/gifts to these clients via the agents .
The vendors will be seen as part of the extended Remax- Brokerage family and
be able to unofficially “piggy-back” on their very strong local branding, as well as
having a large number of local Realtors promoting them to their clients.
The Clients: 
The friends and clients of Remax- Brokerage will be given the
opportunity to experience extra value, via free samples and services, increased
priority/service, and access to discounts and specials.
Examples: List of vendors in the Remax Little Oak program is attached to this email. Click here
Services offered as part of the program:
A program website profiling each of the vendors and their offers with links to
their websites, blogs, etc.
Clients are directed to their Realtors website for more info; which is linked to the
program website.
The Membership Cards produced on behalf of the Realtors; individually branded
to them.
Membership Investment:
Realtors: $75/month per individual Realtor.
(plus one-time cost of cards: $1.50-
$2.50 each-based on volume) 
Action Step:
Schedule an introduction meeting.
          Reply below  
          or Call: 604-217-3992







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